Community schools

What are Community Schools?

Each Community School develops in its own way because schools are organic structures, shaped by the enthusiasm of their staff, the vision of its leadership and the needs of the local community. Even so, we believe that all Community Schools share common key characteristics: they will work in partnership with other agencies to provide a holistic service to children, families and the wider community; acknowledge parents as co-educators and involve them in shaping provision; offer a range of services, including learning opportunities to the wider community; open up their facilities and their expertise to help build the capacity and social cohesion of the communities they serve.

Why is CommunitySchool important?

  • Accessible to the community members during 7 days per week
  • Involving other community members in the school governance
  • Providing equal access to school resources to all community members
  • Creating of better life conditions for each member of community
  • All mentioned above
  • There is no need to develop such kind of school

Community schools are developing in many parts of the world. For more information about community schools go to The International centre of Excellence for Community Schools at