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global edGlobeEd Services, a consulting agency, was established in Canada in 1992 to introduce the concept of Community education in Eastern and Central Europe. Programs on setting up Community Schools have been supported by international funding organizations. Csaba Lorinczi, consultant, established Community Schools in Hungary and assisted in the development of the same concept in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A major project under the South East Europe EU Stability Pact created the program of “Community Centre Project in SEE». All of these projects were primarily supported by joint funding of the C.S. Mott Foundation and the Open Society Institute. 

The consultant assisted in the development and evaluation of programs in Russia, Caucasus Countries and Central Asia. Since 2000 the focus of Community education development is in Ukraine and Moldova where the programs are directed by their national Step by Step Foundations.


GlobeEd Services
Csaba Lorinczi


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