International Association “Interactive open schools” (Bosnia and Hezegovina)



International Association “Interactive open schools”- MIOS Tuzla since its beginning in 2003 strategically was oriented for implementation of projects which will promote and develop open schools in community, tolerance, openness, intercultural learning and diversities.

The association is result of two years led international project “Development of interactive open schools”, i.e. it is final result of process and needs of educational system for existence of non-governmental organization which will work on merging of school and local community.

 The international association “Interactive Open Schools” (MIOS) works as a network and supports the development of open schools using models of interactive learning, gives professional training about new methods of teaching, promotes democratic development and the implementation of standards of open schools in the community. The association works on the principles of openness, tolerance, and innovations and tries to show that education has no boundaries.

Mission: strengthening open schools in community as effective organizations of learning and teaching where students are in the centre of activity.

Vision: International association “Interactive open schools” (MIOS Tuzla) is an agency for development of the schools and professional improvement of the teachers, incubator of innovative methods in curriculum with the children as a main focus.

International Association “Interactive open schools”

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