International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools – ICECS (United Kingdom)


The International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools (ICECS) was founded in England in 2009, with support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation; CAS has been active in the International Center’s work from its inception.  ICECS has established a set of International Quality Standards that offer a framework for dialogue and comparisons.

Our aim is to build a network around community schools so that practitioners and policy makers can learn from each other – and to build on the impetus for community schools that we see flourishing all around the world.

Community schools will be different from place to place, but they share common characteristics:

  • they use the community as a resource for learning and see themselves at the heart of the community
  • they involve parents and acknowledge their role as co-educators
  • they use methods and approaches which encourage the active involvement of pupils in their own learning and encourage them to take an active role in the local community
  • they work in partnership with other agencies which share a common interest in supporting the wider community in which children grow and learn because they see the connection between health, economic development, community relations and children’s readiness to learn.


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