International Standards for Community Schools: Dissemination of Community Schools Concept

Project name International Standards for Community Schools: Dissemination of Community Schools Concept
Location 11 countries from region of Eastern, Central and Southern Europe and Asia: Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland. One more country will be involved throughout the project
Implementing organization International association “Interactive Open Schools” (short MIOS)
Duration 24 months; October 1, 2015 – November 31, 2017
Total project budget 229 735, 00 USD
Mott Foundation contribution requested 180 993, 00 USD
Other donors contributions 48 742, 00 USD
Partners` organizations 1.       NGO “Force”, Armenia2.       The Association of Organization Development’s Consultants, Czech Republic

3.        “Life Long Learning Education” NGO, Kazakhstan

4.       Step by Step Educational Program (Moldova Pas cu Pas Organization), Moldova

5.       The Mongolian Education Alliance, Mongolia

6.       The Federation for Educational Initiatives, Poland

7.       Krasnoyarsk Center for Community Partnerships (KCCP), Russia

8.       Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, Ukraine

9.       International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools (ICECS), United Kingdom

10.   National Network for Children (NNC), Bulgaria

General goal General goal of the project is to unify the Community School Concept – developmental process and offer it as responsive model to institutions responsible for educational policy in partner countries with Standards of Excellence for Community Schools as starting point and descriptive factor how community schools should operate.
Project  aims Objective I. To develop comprehensive material for promotion and further development of Community Schools Concept on national level with International Standards as the tool for self-assessment and quality developmentObjective II. To gather evidence based impact of the International Standards on the effectiveness of the Community Schools as the resource base for further dissemination of the Concept

Objective III. To expand the International Standards to other community schools in the participating countries and to additional new countries

Objective IV. To strengthen international network of community schools