Moldova Pas cu Pas Organization (Moldova)


md pas cu pasStep by Step Moldova (NGO, est. 1994) is a public utility organization that promotes educational reform by changing teacher training practices and by ensuring quality democratic education in classrooms in a real partnership with family and community.

Step by Step fulfils its mission through the following projects: promoting child-centred curriculum, monitoring its quality implementation across a country-wide network of schools and kindergartens, supporting families with young children at local level through community programs, Community Schools` development, etc. Step by Step Moldova is a constituent member of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA).


Our goal is to:

  • Assert equal access of children with varying needs to quality education, appreciation of their diversity
  • Help decentralize the education system by creating a strong, viable educational model, which is in complete agreement with the proclaimed purposes of the education reform and with the new curricula standards
  • Change the teacher re-training system in the country
  • Provide durability and sustainability to the systemic changes through Step by Step Program and Teacher Standards
  • Empower schools, by developing own new democratic culture open to multiple partnerships and to a meaningful learning for people in all age groups, to become catalysts of social changes in their whole community.


Moldova Pas cu Pas Organization

16, Puskin Street
MD 2012, Chisinau
Tel:(0373) 22 22 01 12
Tel/Fax: (0373)22 22 01 13


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