New Horizons Foundation (Romania)


Imagine youth that are truly involved in real social change. Imagine youth petitioning their mayor and gaining 1,500 signatures to get speed bumps installed to protect innocent lives. Imagine youth getting the first ecological outhouse installed in a key area of a National Park. Imagine youth raising money to buy a milk cow for an orphanage so it can be more self-sustaining. Imagine youth full of courage, compassion, perseverance, able to define success and pursue their dreams.

Now imagine these youth having key skills like project management, problem solving, teamwork, communication, innovation and creativity etc. – skills that are not taught in the current educational system. In other words, can you imagine real development happening in Romania and in the world? Can you imagine this next generation of youth becoming change agents, problem solvers, expressing compassionate competence and entrepreneurial energies for the public good?

If you can imagine this, if you can dream this, then you have just imagined concrete reality, the work of New Horizons Foundation.New Horizons Foundation (NHF) runs non-formal education programs, nationally and internationally, and is primarily geared towards youth aged 12-18/19.



Sediul Central Lupeni
Bulevardul Păcii, bloc 5, ap. 9
335600, jud. Hunedoara, România

Tel: 0254 564 471
Mobile:0721 213 883 – Ilie Popescu

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