NGO “Life Long Learning Education” (Kazakhstan)


The “Community Foundation of Life-long Learning Education” was officially founded in 2002 by Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation. The Community Fund is located in Pervomaiskiy a small settlement in the East Kazakhstan oblast. Since 1998 Soros Foundation started to develop Community Active School Programs in Kazakhstan. The mission statement of the Community Fund is to provide the community with leadership, partnership, social inclusion, life-long learning, services, volunteering, community development, parent engagement and school culture.

Currently, our organization has programs in each of the nine Community Active Schools standards. We have programs in Leadership – Each summer we have a “Schools of Active Youth”. It is a program for teaching youth how to be a leader and exchange ideas about how to form social projects to improve their communities. Initiated teenagers and young people can develop their ideas, working in Community Association “Schools of ProActive Youth” (SAY).
Partnership – We have a Peace Corps Volunteer and 7 rural districts and schools that we work with. We form partnerships between government, commercial and non-governmental organizations.
Social inclusion – All our learners are actively encouraged to take up opportunities. We have retired people, handicapped, children, housewives and unemployed people. Lifelong learning – Our cliental base ranges from 8 to 70 years old. Our decree is: “it is never too late to learn”.
Services – We have internet access, computers, a gym, a business center, a library, a multipurpose hall, kindergarten and an alcohol and drug free disco for teenagers. Volunteering – Our programs provides first professional experience and leadership skills for young adults in order to allow pensioners to help youth gain new skills. Community development – Thru our social projects we help the community decide problems. For example, with volunteers our Foundation created two community projects – government budget analysis and street lights initiative. The government budget analyses program taught rural communities how to analyze the annual government budget and properly voice questions and concerns to local politicians. The streets light initiative helped the community petition the local government to get street lights for the main streets. Parent engagement – We believe and promote that parents are the first teachers of their children and it is vital that they actively participate in their children’s education. School culture – Our facilities are open 24 hours per day and our beneficiaries are taught team work, critical thinking, creativity and leadership. Furthermore, our students receive education in projects management, how to write social projects and mange a team. Community Active Schools are new phenomenon in Kazakhstan and are suppose to replace traditional schools in the future. It is important that the Community Active Schools model is expanded and that these schools and international organizations work together to create strong Community Active Schools in Kazakhstan.


Contact person: Anara Zhakupova, coordinator
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