Stakeholder meeting “School in the local Community – Current Situation and Recommendations”


The partnership, led by the Federation for Educational Initiatives, and three regional teacher training centres, organizes seminar “School in the local community – current situation and recommendations.” It will be held September 19, 2016 at 10.00-15.00 in Masovian Teacher Training Centre in Warsaw as a part of the “Schools active in the community” program.

The seminar will be an opportunity to learn the concept of community schools, and discuss how participants see the social role of the school, to what extent this role is fulfilled by Polish schools, as well as how the school is to prepare young people for life in a democratic, civil society.

The program includes presentation by Ms. Chris Jones, expert of the International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools, Great Britain and the member of International Quality Partnership for Community Schools for South-East Europe and Central Asia.
taShe will present the concept of community schools, various forms of its implementation in the world and results achieved by now. The program covers also Polish experiences of the international program “School Active in the Community”.

During the workshop session and panel discussion we will try to make a diagnosis of the activities of the Polish schools in the local community, as well as analysis of the experiences of cooperation between the schools and the local community, from the perspective of the educational stakeholders. We will also discuss the challenges different stakeholders meet when try to make Polish schools to provide the best possible education to everyone through activities in local community.

The panel discussion will be attended by: Ms. Chris Jones, Ms. Danuta Uryga, Professor of The Maria Grzegorzewska University, Ms. Kamila Hernik, researcher of the Educational Research Institute, Mr. Mirosław Sielatycki, Deputy Director of Department of Education of the City of Warsaw, Mr. Paweł Krajewski, Director of the Primary school No. 174 in Warsaw-Wesoła, representative of the Council of Parents of that school, and representative of the Masovian Board of Education (TBD).

The participants of the seminar will be representatives of: local governments, teacher training institutions, universities educating teachers, non-governmental organizations supporting schools, and teachers.

We hope that participation of representatives of various institutions and organizations involved in education, which support schools in their activities, contribute to the promotion of the idea of close cooperation between educational institutions and local community as well as inspiration for development of common activities promoting the idea of community schools.
This activity is supported by Charles Stuart Mott foundation and Freudenberg foundation.
This activity is part of the international project: International Standards for Community Schools: Dissemination of Community Schools Concept with the aim to support national partners in promoting and developing Community Schools.
The inputs and expertize for the stakeholder meeting is supported by the International Quality Partnership for Community Schools for South-East Europe and Central Asia.