The Federation for Educational Initiatives (Poland)


nowe logo fio3smallWe are an association of non-government organizations whose aims are to encourage and support the social initiatives of local citizens and the reforms to the Polish Educational System. We mainly focus on rural communities.

We believe that our joint effort will:

  • make the Polish school system efficient and modern
  • equalize the educational opportunities for urban and rural pupils
  • help the young generation to get a good start on the employment market
  • enable Polish rural communities to close the civilization gap
  • stimulate local and regional development

An economy founded on knowledge is a fundament for functioning as an equal member of the 21st Century United Europe. We are convinced that citizens initiatives supported by governmental administration and business are the way to achieve it.

The Federation for Educational Initiatives has its roots in such sources as: the national meetings of parents, teachers, the representatives of non-government organizations, schools, local governments and the national government. We have been operating since 1999.

What are we doing?
The programs we perform help:

  • to start up local associations for rural development
  • to take over and run schools, playschools, libraries and local community day-centers which face closure
  • to raise the quality of educational service and to adapt teaching methods to the individual needs of students
  • to work against the social exclusion of the unemployed, the disabled or people from ethnic minorities
  • to teach, use and promote modern IT technologies

The programs we perform help:

  • Small Schools
  • Polish-Ukrainian Project
  • Small Playschools
  • Teacher – Local Enterprise Leader
  • Mazovian Small Playschools
  • The Internet Republic
  • Save Schools!
  • Virtual Editors Office
  • School of School Mediation
  • Holidays with a Volunteer
  • New Ideas in Rural Education
  • Inter-Culture Education


The Federation for Educational Initiatives
ul. Filtrowa 67 lok. 6, 02-055 Warszawa
Tel/fax: (+48 22) 869 96 60, (+48 22) 869 96 68



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