The Mongolian Education Alliance (Mongolia)


Dynamic and learning organization that serves educators and schools in promoting democratic values for Mongolian youth.

The Mongolian Education Alliance exists to strengthen and sustain the network of local and international partners that contribute to open society values, transparency, accountability, participation and equal access, in the Mongolian Education Sector, identify underserved areas of education reform and initiate projects supporting reform in teacher development, student centered learning, and community involvement.


Six years have passed since the establishment of the Mongolian Educational Alliance (MEA). The theory claims that eighty percent of the person’s identity gets formed by the age of five. During these years MEA has successfully constructed comprehensive characteristics of NGO in its objectives, operations and internal and external relationships.

Within the scope of its operation MEA made solid contribution to Mongolian education reform which is the pride and inspiration of MEA staff members.

The achievements, successes, operation scope and content are the results of cooperation and participation of our local and international partner organizations and individuals.

Mongolian Education Alliance NGO, successor of education programs of former Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (the Soros Foundation), was established in August 2004 and since its establishment MEA has made extensive contribution to Mongolian education sector reform. During the past 6 years Mongolian Education Alliance successfully gained its image as a public service NGO and has organized a wide scope of activities for schools and pre-schools through its partner schools and various programs such as teacher development program of “Open School”, early childhood development program of “Step by Step”, and children and youth development program of “Debate Education” and spent MNT 4.5 billion for the activities.



Mongolian Education Alliance (MEA)
Sukhbaatar district, 1st khoroo
Chinggis Avenue 15/1
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel/fax: (976) 11 324285